Citi Bike Has Best Biking Week Ever

Citi Bike breaks all-time single day and weekly rides records during its largest expansion year to date

Incredible weather, businesses reopening, a continuing major expansion and rides with mayors of NYC, JC and Hoboken: these were just some of the ingredients that went into a record-setting week for Citi Bike.

It was our best week ever, with 631,314 rides from May 9th to May 15th, surpassing a record set the week of September 20th in 2020. Additionally, it was the first time we have had single-day ridership over 100,000 for three days in a row, from Thursday to Saturday, showing ridership is up on both weekdays and weekends.

Thanks to our riders, we also smashed our single day ridership record on Friday, May 14th with 106,558 rides (last set on September 12th 2020 with 103,159 rides), but the new record only lasted for a day. On Saturday, May 15 there were 118,590 rides, more than 15,000 rides above the previous high. That’s over 5.5 rides per bike in a single day!

As part of the five-year $100 million expansion funded by Lyft, there are now 21,500 bikes, including 4,300 ebikes, across more than 1,400 stations. Citi Bike is now the largest bike share network in the world outside of China, and we have our sights set on the number one spot when our current expansion is complete.

We’re also expanding our existing stations with more docks and adding new ones in areas we already serve, a process known as infill, meaning you’ll have to walk less far to get to a bike. This will also improve reliability of the network to make sure stations are less likely to be full or empty

This year, we’ve expanded our service area to include new parts of Astoria, Sunset Park, and Inwood, and we’re in the process of adding new stations in the West Bronx in the next few weeks. This year has also seen an expansion of the Citi Bike regional network, with new stations launching in Hoboken this month and connecting to the existing stations in Jersey City. Don’t forget your Citi Bike membership works on both sides of the Hudson River!

Spring riding season is just getting underway and we cannot wait to see more Citi Bikes out and about as we seek to smash these new records and reach even greater heights!