Critical Workers Program

The Citi Bike Critical Workers Membership Program has expired as of May 31, 2020. We are not accepting any more enrollments at this time, and all memberships have been distributed.

We wish to extend a huge thanks to our partners at Citi and Mastercard for generously supporting this important initiative. Throughout April and May, we distributed over 20,000 annual memberships to critical workers and over 146,000 trips were taken by these riders.

Citi Bike is offering a program to give critical workers free annual bikeshare memberships, thanks to funding from Citi and Mastercard. Through May 31st, eligible critical workers can sign up through their employer to access unlimited 45-minute trips on our bikes.

How to enroll

EMPLOYER: We will work with you to confirm eligibility, set up the program, and provide all relevant details for employees to get started.

EMPLOYEE: Once you have received the program code from your employer, please follow these instructions by May 31st:

  • Go to your employer specific website link

  • Enter program code to access and verify your work email address

  • Create your account to finish the sign up process

  • Verify your work email and you're ready to ride!

The free annual membership is effective starting on your signup date. At the end of the annual period, it does not auto-renew and there is no obligation to continue the membership.

After the year, if you are interested in purchasing a membership, learn more HERE.

FEES: All participants will be asked to enter their credit card information for any fees that may accrue.

  • This program provides free unlimited 45 minute rides and there’s no obligation to continue riding after the membership ends

  • Usage Fee: Membership includes unlimited 45-minute rides. If you keep a bike longer than 45 minutes, it’s $0.15 per minute.

  • Lost bike charge: If you have kept a bike for more than 24 consecutive hours, it is considered lost or stolen and there is a fee of $1,200 (plus tax). This can also happen if you did not dock your bike properly, your ride stayed open, and someone else took the bike and has not returned it

Already signed up for the 30-day free membership?
Follow these instructions to upgrade:

  1. Log in to your account here

  2. Click “Renew membership” on your profile page

  3. Select “I’m eligible for a Group Discount” and find your organization

  4. Enter the program passcode and verify your work email address

  5. Once verified, you’ll be granted access to the free membership

  6. Complete the sign up and you’re ready to ride for a full year!

Regardless if you upgrade, we’ll be automatically extending existing memberships for 30 days from your original expiration date.

Your health and safety is our top priority. Read more about our response to COVID-19.