Post-"Hers!" By: The Lower Eastside Girls Club

This summer, the Lower East Side Girls Club's design class collaborated on unique posters for Citi Bike! We spoke to them and learned what inspired their amazing designs:

Loretta - Age 17

How did you come up with this Citi Bike design?

On top, we can see the Citi Bike and it says “Ride with Citi Bike,” because it’s good for environmental issues. Since Citi Bike came to New York, it has helped so many riders. And I know you can burn millions of calories just by riding a Citi Bike!

The other car part, means helping less people, because when you take cabs, the gas is so bad for the environment. So, “Ride with Citi Bike!”

Do you ride bikes?

Yes, I do. I also like to ride Citi Bike too.

Keisy - Age 14

How did you come up with this Citi Bike design?

So for the side of the car, I was thinking about pollution. I had this image in my head. On the side of the car there was going to be clouds like a bad rainy day, and on the other side with the bike and the flower was going to be where everybody’s happy, I was imagining trees, the sun shining. The message here is everyone is happier when there is not a lot of smog in the sky. There’s less problems!

The Lower Eastside Girls Club also produced a short video called “What’s Not to Like; Ride Citi Bike” showing how these future female leaders ride in their neighborhood. Check it out!