Webinar Series: The Better Bike Share Partnership

The NYC Better Bike Share Partnership aims to develop inclusive programs and policies to promote equity through bike share and increase the diversity of bike share riders to improve health and financial outcomes of NYC neighborhoods.

The Better Bike Share Partnership is spearheaded by Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation but includes a collaboration of diverse stakeholders who influence transportation such as Citi Bike and Motivate, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

The partnership has launched a webinar series as a means to educate and raise awareness of our bike share work. We hope these resources inform our riders about how the partnership works to make bike share more equitable. We hope other organizations replicate our model and use this as powerful tools to other organizations and communities, who might be starting or expanding their own bike share programming.

Building Subsidized Bike Share to Improve Community Health

Bike Share programming can be used as a workforce development tool to empower employees and clients to improve their health through increased physical activity and mobility. This webinar will present a case study of Brooklyn-based Interfaith Medical Center's work as a model for replication by healthcare providers, nonprofits, and employers.

Promoting Bike Share Through Ride Leadership and Community Events

Learn how a community may use weekly bike rides and community events as a means of promoting a culture of biking. This webinar will demonstrate how communities such as Bedford-Stuyvesant and Harlem have used these vehicles to better engage residents and promote the health and wellness of residents.

Promoting Bike Share through Youth Engagement

This webinar explores a variety of efforts in NYC being used to engage youth as early adopters of Citi Bike. Strategies include ways to better connect youth to biking as a mode of transportation to school, work and recreation with examples including NYC pilots such as Citi Bike to School and Citi Bike for Youth.

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