LyftUp & Bikeshare for Youth

Millions of people lack access to basic needs because they can’t get a ride. This reality can be hardest for young people, whose futures depend on their ability to connect with opportunities across the communities they call home.

Through our LyftUp initiative, Citi Bike and Lyft are working to make sure everyone has access to affordable, reliable transportation to get where they need to go — no matter their age, income, or zip code.

You might think it's just a bike. But for a young person, a bike can open up the world. It’s a way – and, often, the only way – to get to class, practice, games, lessons, work, and more. A bike is freedom. A bike is an opportunity.

We currently have two programs to extend bikeshare access to young people:

YMCA Partnership

In collaboration with the YMCA, we’re giving one-year bikeshare memberships to thousands of young people in New York City, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

In New York City, we’re teaming up with the YMCA of Greater New York to identify eligible young people in the Y network, provide Citi Bike memberships, and educate around bike safety – with a focus on removing barriers in young peoples’ lives. Memberships will roll out to New York City youth throughout 2020. Young people aged 16-20 can visit their local Y to see if they qualify. All riders can join in supporting this work by rounding up their payment in the Lyft app to support this initiative.

Citi Bike’s Bikeshare for Youth

Citi Bike’s Bikeshare for Youth is a program that expands connects young adults 16-20 years old with a free annual membership and a bike helmet. Bikeshare for Youth was created to address certain “barriers to bikeshare” that students may face; including safety and accessibility to the growing bikeshare network. The program gives NYC youth useful skills when riding in the sometimes intimidating streets of NYC.

In Citi Bike’s continuous efforts to make bikeshare more equitable, we want to be sure that students are recognized as an integral part of this growing community and have access.