Citi Bike Veterans Profile: Deidre

One of the #WomenWhoBike and an Army veteran, Deidre is one of our drivers and rebalancers. Read more about how she transitioned from life in the military to life in the big apple below.

What did you do in the military? Why did you choose to go into the service branch you did?

Personnel MOS H-76. I choose to go in the military because of college and structure.

Did anyone else in your family serve?

Yes my Father, Uncles, Grandfather.

How did you transition back into civilian life and your current career post-service?

Transitioning was a little difficult. I was used to structure, discipline and a regimen. I got up extremely early and by 9am I was bored. I had to adjust my body and mind around my new life.

What advice would you give to men and women serving in the military now who plan to transition to a civilian career?

Be prepared to deal with people who are not disciplined.

Did anything you do during your military career help prepare you for your job at Citi Bike or life in New York?

Yes. I learned team work. Dedication, forgiveness, be optimistic, think outside the box and to pay attention to detail.

What is your role at Citi Bike and what is your favorite part about working here?

I am a Driver/Rebalancer. Making a healthy choice to assist people.

If you’re a veteran, be sure to visit us Saturday, November 11th during the Veterans Day Parade at Central Park South & Grand Army Plaza and at E 48 St & 5 Ave to get a free 3-Day Pass or $25 off a Citi Bike Annual Membership!