Citi Bike Veterans Profile: Kevin

Meet Kevin, a former Navy Flight Engineer (is that Danger Zone playing?). The skills he learned in the U.S. Navy have been a huge asset to him in the various teams he has worked with at Citi Bike, from expansion to station technician.

What did you do in the military? Why did you choose to go into the service branch you did?

P3 Orion Flight Engineer. It was a great job opportunity and travel opportunity.

What advice would you give to men and women serving in the military now who plan to transition to a civilian career?

Take advantage of the many transferable skills learned in the military and apply them to your new endeavors.

Did anything you do during your military career help prepare you for your job at Citi Bike or life in New York?

I was able to learn to understand “Systems” and look at them on a broad scope.

Are you in any veterans organizations? If so, what kinds of activities does your post or association have?

International Brotherhood of Naval Flight Engineers.

What is your role at Citi Bike and what is your favorite part about working here?

Started working in Expansion 2016. Transitioned in December 2016 to Technical Operations as a Station Technician. I am currently working as a Tier 1 Station Tech. I enjoy working throughout the different neighborhoods in the NYC. Interacting with customers visiting our city and acting as an ambassador to our Organization is a benefit of my job.

If you’re a veteran, be sure to visit us Saturday, November 11th during the Veterans Day Parade to get a free 3-Day Pass or $25 off a Citi Bike Annual Membership!