Citi Offers Free Unlimited 30-minute Citi Bike Rides on July 24th

Free Rides Encourages Cyclists to Explore Select New York City Neighborhoods with Help from Ride Guides. Riders can use the promo code FREEPASS to redeem a Day Access Pass in the Citi Bike app.

On Saturday July 24, 2021, Citi is offering a Free Day Access Pass to help get more New Yorkers outside and back to their favorite local spots. The free ride activation includes free unlimited 30-minute on Citi Bike classic bikes and four localized ride guides highlighting routes and destinations to encourage exploration, while spotlighting local businesses and offering fun giveaways at four participating NYC Citibank branches.

“We’re extremely proud of the way New Yorkers turned to Citi Bike for a safe form of transportation during the pandemic. It became even more ingrained in the fabric of our City and now we’d like to help bring the fun back this summer with free rides,” said Citi Head of Public Affairs Edward Skyler. “We encourage everyone to hop on a bike and pedal to the places they love in New York City – and explore some new spots along the way.”

“Citi Bike was there for New Yorkers during the pandemic, and as we’re seeing New York come back to life, we have a unique opportunity (and responsibility) to help NYC rebound.” said Laura Fox, General Manager for Citi Bike at Lyft, “Biking is not only a fun way to experience the city, but it’s also an important way to reduce traffic congestion and emissions -- which is why we’re working together with Citi to help introduce new people to the benefits of cycling.”

Citi Bike provided a socially distanced and reliable mode of transportation for New Yorkers during the pandemic, supporting millions of rides, many of which were taken by our heroic frontline workers. Through the launch of the Critical Care program, Citi Bike was able to step up and provide over 30,000 free memberships and 1.2 million rides to essential workers and healthcare providers.

As more and more New Yorkers start venturing back out in their favorite local spots as the city reopens, Lyft and Citi are encouraging riders to explore and experience new neighborhoods. The localized ride guides were curated to encourage exploration of diverse neighborhoods with each route highlighting a local small business. Riders can explore neighborhoods in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx – and stop in at four participating Citibank branches to receive a fun giveaway while supplies last.

To claim the free unlimited 30-minute bike rides on Saturday July 24, riders can use the promo code FREEPASS to redeem a Day Pass in the Citi Bike app.

Based in NYC for more than 200 years, Citi helped create a true private-public partnership as the founding titular sponsor of Citi Bike, which launched in May 2013 with 6,000 bikes and some 300 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Citi Bike has since grown into a vital, sustainable, healthy - and fun - form of public transportation.

Today Citi Bike is the most widely used bike share system in North America, reaching a milestone of 100 million all-time rides last year and a record-breaking 123,284 trips taken on a single day on June 23. Last year alone, nearly 900,000 Citi Bike riders pedaled over 42.1 million miles. Citi Bike has also expanded to add another 250 stations this year, with nearly 1,500 stations and 23,000 bikes total across the system.