Member Profile: Art Spar

After a long career in market research, Citi Bike founding member Art (short for Arthur) is happily retired. Now he gets to devote his time to the things he’s really passionate about- poetry and pedaling around the city.

Not one to be idle, Art started teaching a course in Oral Interpretation of Poetry! He bike commutes to his school four times a week and when he’s not teaching, he and his wife Shelly love Citi Biking around the Upper West Side.

A few weeks ago Art sent us this poem and we want to share what he wrote with you. It looks like he’s found a way to combine his two passions!


By Art Spar

My body is quivering

Skin and bones shivering

Lungs hyperventilating

Mind anticipating

Tension level shrill

Events about to spill

It’s all about the thrill

Caressing the bike key

Touching it reassuringly

Striding to 72nd Street

Where my chariot and I shall meet

Shake off the morning chill

This is not a drill

Consummate the thrill

Nightmares last until

Fear is told to chill

And I embrace the thrill

So will this be for good

A blur of motion whence I stood

A fluid body exercised

Lungs and heart energized

The vast Hudson sliding by

Ancient piers rotting where they lie

New York waking from its sleep

Workers with promises to keep

Seagulls screaming ferries barging

Sated garbage trucks discharging

I am a capsule gliding through the shadows

Of Carnival and Intrepid as they pose

For tourists questing something new

Women and men running in lycra

Revealing all they yearn for

Pick-up hoops where young men practice

Who they are becoming

Lovers on a bench

Closing a veil of intimacy before watching eyes

And the Freedom Tower grows larger

Commanding the heavens

I marvel at all this still

Waiting for the time until

I return to relive the thrill