Member Profile: Robert Flynt & Jeff McMahon

Three years ago today, Robert and his partner of over 30 years, Jeff, used Citi Bike to take their favorite ride across the Brooklyn Bridge to get married at Brooklyn Boro Hall! Robert still remembers it vividly,

“It was a little chilly, but a great ride! We chose to bike to Brooklyn to get married at Brooklyn Boro Hall, partly to avoid the crowds at Manhattan City Hall, but also to enjoy one of my favorite bikes rides: across the Brooklyn Bridge. Although of course this has been rendered nearly impossible these days due to its popularity, but thankfully on that cold winter day it was a great ride across. The other motivation for going to Brooklyn was the fact my father had been born and spent his very early years in Brooklyn Heights nearby. He was also an avid biker, and instilled a love of biking in me from an early age.”

Happy Anniversary Robert and Jeff!

Find out more about how Robert and Jeff use Citi Bike everyday below:

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am an independent photo-based visual artist.

Where do you live?: I live in the East Village.

What made you decide to join Citi Bike?: I have always used a bicycle as one of my primary modes of transportation in the city. Citi Bike seemed like a good way to allow me to bike even more frequently than I already did.

Did you ride a bike in the city before joining Citi Bike?: Yes frequently, although mostly locally in Lower Manhattan.

Where are some of your favorite places to ride?: I tend to ride more for business than pleasure - but otherwise enjoy the East River Park in Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.

What would you say to anyone that might be hesitant about riding in the city?: It is MUCH easier and safer than in the past, and such an efficient way to get around. There are, of course, also many great recreational places to ride, though that is not my primary mode of bike usage.

What would you tell someone thinking about joining Citi Bike?: Bike-sharing is an exceptionally useful way of dealing with biking in the city. When it first came in, I was VERY skeptical that I would ever need/use it, as I already had a bike and have biked in the city since 1980. However bike-shares make it possible to ride further than I normally would “one-way” and then return home via subway. By combining bike-shares with my own bike, I end up biking MUCH more frequently, which is better for my physical self and for the city in general.