We’re adding more bike parking to busy Citi Bike stations

You’ve got places to be, and we want to provide bikes and parking where you need it. That’s why we’re upgrading popular Citi Bike stations to fit up to 50% more bikes.

Every week, we’ll update more stations—with plans for over 100 in total this year. The following stations have already been reconfigured to fit more bikes:

  • Broadway and Battery Place

  • E 53rd and Madison Ave

  • W Broadway and W Houston

  • W Thames St

The new stations are arranged a little different: You’ll see pink A docks staggered between black B docks. We staggered the docks to fit more parking in the same amount of space.

Follow these instructions to make sure everyone has space to park their bikes at staggered Citi Bike stations.

Park in pink

Done with your ride? Park at a pink A dock.

If the pink A docks are full, park in the black B docks.

Bike from black

When you’re unlocking a bike, unlock a bike from black B docks.

If the black B docks are empty, grab a bike from a pink A dock.

Don’t be a dock blocker

To help make room for everyone at these updated Citi Bike stations, please don’t block an empty dock when parking your bike.

Pro tip: Citi Bike members can repark bikes for free. Here’s when to use your free unlocking powers (and earn good karma points):

  • If you see an open pink A dock after parking in a black B dock

  • If you see another bike blocking empty docks