New York, Meet Your New Ebike

Starting today, we’re rolling out a brand new type of ebike in New York. And we’re just getting started!

In the coming months, we’ll add thousands of these powerful ebikes to the Citi Bike system. Both Citi Bike and Lyft Pink members get early access to ride them first.

Here’s what you need to know about the new ebike—and then some.

Bike longer and faster:

  • Double the battery life. You’ll find more ebikes ready to ride for miles. The new battery holds 60 miles on a single charge. Dang!

  • Stronger motor. Power over hills and bridges sweat-free with a 500-watt motor that gives you an extra boost.

Cruise comfortably and easily:

  • Better fit. Tall or small? We got you. Choose from a wider range of seat height options to get the right fit.

  • No shifting needed. Just hop on and go! It’s that simple, thanks to the ebike’s single gear transmission that auto-shifts when you go up or downhill.

  • Easy unlocking and locking. No more second-guessing if you’ve successfully locked or docked a bike. A built-in screen and speaker helps with that—and more.

Spin with safety features:

  • Brighter light. See—and be seen—day or night with a LED front bike light.

  • More night visibility. Biking after dark? Your ebike will illuminate like a street sign! It’s coated in a reflective paint so others can see you.

  • Safety sensors. Rest assured that your ebike is in good working order. We added monitors that tell us if bike parts like brakes and batteries need fixing.

Hydraulic brakes. Feel confident you’ll smoothly stop—rain or shine—with a rear hydraulic brake.