Announcing Citi Bike's largest expansion program expansion in five years

Over the last decade, Citi Bike has become the fastest-growing transportation network in New York’s history — with a monthly record of over 4 million rides in August, and a record 161,422 rides on October 28 alone. Additionally, as of October 29, there have been 30.7 million Citi Bike rides this calendar year – setting a new annual record with more than two months left in the year. Now, we are pleased to announce its largest program expansion in five years, with a series of ambitious changes to make biking easier, greener, and more fun than ever.

Upcoming system changes:

  • Expanded Ebike Fleet: Ebikes make up about 20% of the Citi Bike fleet, but account for nearly half of its rides. In other words, our ebikes are extremely popular — but sometimes hard to find. That’s why ebikes will make up roughly half of our fleet by the end of 2024.
  • Station Electrification: Today, we keep our ebikes charged by shuttling in fresh batteries from a warehouse. But by electrifying more than 20% of stations in the coming years, we will be able to reduce emissions while keeping our growing ebike fleet charged, in service, and ready to ride. And by eliminating the need for most manual swaps, we’ll be able to focus on other tasks, like making sure bikes are at the stations where they’re most needed, and repairing them — and getting them back on the road — as quickly as possible.
  • More Classic Bikes: We are also upgrading our fleet of classic pedal bikes, adding 2,800 new bikes and replacing 2,200 older bikes, some of which have been in the system since it launched over ten years ago.

New member perks:

  • Member Benefits: Starting in January 2024, all new annual memberships and renewals will come with 60 free ebike minutes. And members will now have the option to rent an ebike in low-assist mode for no extra cost if there are no classic bikes available.

The Citi Bike program currently supports jobs for nearly 1,000 New Yorkers–mechanics, bike valets, and station technicians. They service more than 30,000 bikes and over 2,000 stations.

Thank you for being a part of the Citi Bike community.