Shift Gears for Volunteers

In honor of National Volunteer Month this April, Citi Bike is proud to support New York Cares . We’ve teamed up for a challenge that has fitness, fun, and feel-good written all over it.

The Citi Bike community knows a thing or two about giving back and daily exercise, so we’re ensuring all Bike Angels points earned from April 3-14, 2018 will fund New York Cares’ Sports and Fitness volunteer programs - projects such as kickball with kids, tandem biking with adults with special needs, yoga with seniors, therapeutic horseback riding, and more.

Donations will accrue at a rate of $1 for every 10 points earned in addition to standard Bike Angel rewards, and you can DOUBLE your points by registering as a volunteer with New York Cares and attending an orientation anytime before April 15.

Additionally, we donated 5 Annual Memberships and 500 Day Passes for New Yorkers who volunteer with New York Cares over the month of April.

Follow the Angels in Action progress here →

Register as a volunteer with New York Cares for double points here→

About New York Cares

As the largest volunteer network in the city, New York Cares leads 65,000 volunteers annually in making our city a better place through custom volunteer programs at nearly 1,300 nonprofits and schools – improving education, meeting immediate needs, and revitalizing public spaces.

New York Cares offers a variety of volunteer-powered programs focused on supporting healthy living. Here’s how:

Nutrition programs, like Culinary Explorers and Snacktivities, teach healthy cooking skills to children and seniors through fun and hands-on activities.

Sports Explorers and other fitness programs, inspired by national campaigns such as Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” which promoted fitness and healthy eating nationwide, provides the time and place for kids and seniors to get the exercise they need in their week.

Local food pantries get a helping hand from volunteers on sorting, packing, and stocking projects, which make healthy food options available to underserved communities.

To learn more about New York Cares, click here.