Citi Bike Free 30 Day Memberships

FAQ for Employers

Q: Does the company need to pay anything for this program?
A: No, we are not asking you for any investment.

Q: What information is needed from us to get started?
A: We simply need you to complete this quick form by April 1st, 2020, which gives us all of the information we need to get your account set up.

Q: When does this offer expire?
A: Employees need to enroll in the free trial offer by April 30, 2020.

Q: Who pays for overtime fees or ebike charges?
A: All usage or overtime fees, lost or stolen bicycle fees, damage costs and other fees will be charged directly to individual employees.

Q: What options are there for our company to subsidize/cover the cost of the annual membership for our employees?
A: Check out our program options here and contact us with any questions and to get your program going.

Q: What reporting can you provide to us?
A: We can share the quantity of employees who enroll in the free trial offer and the total number of trips taken and miles travelled, collectively. For privacy reasons we can not report on the data of individual employees.

FAQ for Employees

Q: What’s included in the 30 day free trial?
A: By signing up for a free trial, you will have 30 days of access to the Citi Bike program. All trips on pedal bikes up to 45 minutes and ebikes are included at no charge. Trips longer than 45 minutes will incur an extra $0.15 per additional minute.

Q: I love Citi Bike! How can I keep riding after the end of the trial period?
A: Great to hear! To renew your membership, simply login to your account and click “RENEW NOW”. Curious about membership options? See our pass options here.

Q: What are the additional fees for using an Ebike?
A: No. Ebikes surcharges are included in your 30-day membership.

Q: What’s an ebike?
A: Our ebikes are pedal assist bicycles featuring a motor on the rear of your bike, brakes on the front along with bells on each handlebar, and a consistent, single speed so there's no need to adjust the gearing. Just look for the ⚡️ symbol in the Citi Bike app to indicate an ebike is available at a station near you.

Q: Where is the nearest Citi Bike station?
A: Check out our station map with real-time bike/dock availability in the Citi Bike or Lyft apps, and also available on the Citi Bike website. Citi Bike has valets at stations directly adjacent to hospitals that have already seen significant ridership during the COVID-19 crisis. See valet locations and schedule here.

Q: I’m going out of town. Can I pause my 30 day trial until I return?
A: No, the trial runs for 30 days from the date of enrollment. We cannot pause your access to the system.

Q: Can I share this offer with my partner/roommate/family members?
A: This is an exclusive offer for employees of your organization. Please do not forward this offer to non-employees.

Q: Can I share my membership with my partner/roommate/family members?
A: Citi Bike memberships cannot be shared and are not transferable.