Central Park Full Loop

The Central Park Full Loop is the quintessential NYC bike ride, running along the 6.1-mile interior perimeter of the park.

Riding the Full Loop allows you to see many of Central Park's iconic destinations, bodies of water, fields, statues, and the unique characteristics that vary throughout the 800 acres.

You can start this ride from any of the many Citi Bike stations lining the park, but here's our recommended route:

  • Grab a Citi Bike at the Grand Army Plaza and Central Park S station (near 59th St and 5th Ave, next to the Plaza hotel).
  • Enter the park at the Grand Army Plaza entrance, then ride onto East Park Drive, where you will connect to Park Drive, the main road (“loop”) that runs the perimeter of Central Park.
  • Ride north up Park Drive, traveling along the east side of the park in a counterclockwise direction until you reach the tip of the park at 110th St.
  • Stay on Park Drive as it rounds the northern tip of the park and turns south (get ready for a hill!).
  • Continue in a counterclockwise direction down the west side of the park.
  • Follow Park Drive around the southern border of the park.

  • Return your bike to the Grand Army Plaza and Central Park S station.

The total distance of the Full Loop is 6.1 miles and it takes most people about 45 to 60 minutes on a Citi Bike. Remember, the first 30 minutes of each ride on a classic bike are included in the price of a single ride and day pass. If you're an annual member, the first 45 minutes of each ride on a classic bike are included. For more information about Citi Bike pricing and pass options, please head here.

Or if you prefer, drop your bike off at a station partway around the loop and explore on foot. Then grab a new bike when you're ready to continue your ride.