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We took a tour of Randall's Island - now it's your turn! With three stations throughout the island, we’ve partnered with Randall’s Island Park Alliance as part of our Community Grants Program to bring you themed tours this summer and throughout the fall.

Family Wbikes

Last Sunday we partnered with Uptown Grand Central for the second annual Party on Park, where Park Avenue was closed to cars and opened to people from 118th to 125th St.

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London native Stephen Carlile is a quadruple threat: he sings, he dances, he acts, and he Citi Bikes to work! You probably don’t recognize him without his costume on– Stephen plays Scar in Broadway’s iconic hit musical The Lion King. Every morning he bikes from his Hell’s Kitchen apartment, docks by a coffee shop near the Minskoff Theatre, and picks up a couple coffees for the show’s makeup artist and for himself. Read more about why Stephen ditched taxis for Citi Bike and his favorite places to ride below.