Since launching in 2013, the Citi Bike program has grown into not only the biggest bikeshare in the country - but one of the biggest in the world. Making sure your ride is smooth from Brooklyn to the Bronx is no small feat. So here’s a peek behind the spokes, if you will.

Krystal Brown

Originally from Michigan, Krystal lives in Bed-Stuy. She came to Brooklyn in 2002 for college and graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Communication Design. She has been a graphic designer for Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation for the past 12 years.

Jerrell Gray

Jerrell is a sophomore at the University of Rochester majoring in political science and urban development. This summer, he was a fellow at Bed-Stuy Restoration where he was introduced to Citi Bike by Tracey Capers, EVP for Restoration, who has been the driving force of the Better Bike Share Partnership.


Member Profile: Tony

Say hello to Tony, a Baltimore native who joined Citi Bike last fall. Tony was debating for two years whether he should purchase his own bike and start cycling here in NYC. Our expansion to East Harlem this past fall was the final push he needed to get back in the saddle again and start cycling in the city.

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After a long career in market research, Citi Bike founding member Art (short for Arthur) is happily retired. Now he gets to devote his time to the things he’s really passionate about- poetry and pedaling around the city.

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London native Stephen Carlile is a quadruple threat: he sings, he dances, he acts, and he Citi Bikes to work! You probably don’t recognize him without his costume on– Stephen plays Scar in Broadway’s iconic hit musical The Lion King. Every morning he bikes from his Hell’s Kitchen apartment, docks by a coffee shop near the Minskoff Theatre, and picks up a couple coffees for the show’s makeup artist and for himself. Read more about why Stephen ditched taxis for Citi Bike and his favorite places to ride below.

One of the #WomenWhoBike and an Army veteran, Deidre is one of our drivers and rebalancers. Read more about how she transitioned from life in the military to life in the big apple below.


Meet Kevin, a former Navy Flight Engineer (is that Danger Zone playing?). The skills he learned in the U.S. Navy have been a huge asset to him in the various teams he has worked with at Citi Bike, from expansion to station technician.